Saturday, 27 November 2010

Old school Detective Concept

At last another batch of drawings to put up on the blog, Dont be alarmed ..... Ive added little spots of colour in a couple of drawings for this update. Testing my photo shop abilitys out, i seem to have a basic idea of how i want a drawing to look like when coloured, Thankfuly this one came out alright :) im a little proud of the coat ! As you could have guessed from seeing it up there ^^^^ with the title. Hope you guys like it.

Map Maker, Homless Librarian Concept

He's a ragaty old man, in need of desperet mental help.... but never to worry its just how he likes it. With an armada of books under his clothes and in his underware he is the ultimet homless man, you see he poseses a library under his clothes which he uses as insulation to keep his body warm.

:D hope you like

UGLY JOE - gangster concept

After the fight

Plane Clothes Detective Concept

Hired Gun Concept

Detective Concept for my uni project

Messaround colour key test