Thursday, 3 May 2012

TRANSITION SHOT - from Junkshop to Crazy World

Here we go, this here be the transition from junk shop to imaginary magical world with in the junk shop. i really wanted to but a shop floor in the fourground, but i just didnt like the way it looked.
i kinda enjoyed drawing all the probs in this, even though my mind went blanc once i atempted to conjer up any ideas. lol  any who i really hope you guys out there like this one, and once again Thank you very very much for taking a ganders :) good day to you !


  1. saw you do this yesterday,the lighting in this looks wicked

  2. Thanks dude :) not quite sure about this one, my self, the perspectives and all that jargan are all weird. thanks ash !

  3. Ieu I am loving these backgrounds!!!! They look awesome. I really like the style you got going through them all!!

  4. thanks, their inspired by the way the adventure time backgrounds are set out,
    amazing show !