Friday, 14 December 2012

DAKA and the WOLF

Daka the old fisher man meets, the king of the night wolf's. Its been a wile since my last post, been kinda busy with life, but I shall jump back on the creative train once again ! hope you guys out there like it :D Thank you so much dudes.


  1. I love this illustration it is absolutely amazing, it like nothing needs to be said between the two characters there is like a mutual understanding between them. love your style. Thank you for the kind comments it means a lot coming from you guys.

  2. Thank you so much gizzy, really happy that your blog is up and running, your images are awesome and need to be seen :D its nice to check out some awesome fresh ideas :) Its been a wile since my last post, so id better get up dated :D youv inspired me to get my move on n pop some new stuff up :) so thank you dude :D